Vault is a conference on how to do church … for people who don’t like church. There are many books and conferences on how to grow a “successful” church, but unfortunately they’re not focused on how to reach the unconvinced and cynical. So … we’re doing it. God’s call is not for us to build a big church, but to seek and save the lost. If you’re tired of reaching church hoppers and want to reach the unchurched, Vault is for you. If you’re a church planter who wants to start a church that reaches people who need Jesus, not people who already have Him, Vault is for you.

In this conference we take you into the vault of Verve, sharing principles learned in reaching people who are radically far from God right in the heart of Sin City. And we’ll provide practical ideas to vault you into the future God has for you and your church.

You and your ministry will never be the same.

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