You’ve Got Questions

  • Where does Vault take place?
    At Verve’s building – 7850 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV.
    We’re about two miles south of the Vegas Strip.
  • What’s the content of the sessions?
    We focus on how to be a church that actually connects with people who are far from God, and gets them connected to God. That’s the mission of the church, but not many churches are effective in it. We want to help you with that.
  • I’ve been to Vault before, will the content be different this time?
    Yes, the content will be different this time.
  • How many people will attend?
    We limit the total number to about 100.
  • Why do you limit the number of people?
    It’s obviously not a good idea if your goal is to make money, but that’s not the idea. We limit the number so we can actually get to know the people attending and answer their questions. It also allows people to network and develop relationships with others in attendance.
  • Where should I stay?
    See the “While In Vegas” page for options.
  • Will I need to rent a car?
    Probably. Some people have carpooled back-and-forth from the hotel and restaurants, so that is an option.

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